Google Ads & SEO

Your goal in creating a website for your own business is that you want your business to be easily found by many people on the internet, but by creating a website can you make your audience interested in your brand? The best way to make your company’s website easily visited by many audiences is the Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods.

Two aspects that are very important for your company’s website which is can interact and generate more leads. Google Ads & SEO is the best solution for your website to be easily found on the first page of Google Search. Millions of people go to Google every day and research shows that people only end up on the second page of searching for what they need on Google. 

Can you imagine if your website appears on the first page of Google searches and your website becomes a priority for millions of audiences on the internet?

Sosplan can be your partner in achieving your promotional goals, with a certified and professional team we will always optimize marketing according to your business goals!


What We Do


Project Step

1. Objective & Budget

Pihak brand akan mengisi form brief yang Sosplan sediakan untuk mempermudah Sosplan menyusun rencana campaign iklan

2. Contract

Melakukan payment fee dan budget iklan serta kontrak minimal 3 bulan untuk membuahkan hasil yang maksimal

3. Planning

Marketing Expert Sosplan akan menjelaskan rencana campaign iklan sesuai dengan objective dan KPI

5. Analyzing

Setiap akhir bulan Sosplan akan present kinerja dan kualitas iklan yang dijalankan

Let’s achieve your goals with us trough creativity.

What We Do_About Us

The succes of your company is our succes too.

let’s create project with us!